A beautiful smile in record time

Anyone who decides on having fixed braces wishes to have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. This can be an arduous path. Why not take a short-cut – with BioQuick Brackets by FORESTADENT. This state-of-the art, self-ligating brackets can help to hasten your treatment and requires fewer and shorter follow-up appointments.

What does “self-ligating” mean?

In principle, fixed braces consist of so-called brackets which are bonded to the teeth, and an archwire which moves the teeth into the desired position by applying elastic pressure. In normal standard brackets the archwire is fixed with rubber rings or thin metal wires – so-called ligatures. Ligatures act like knots and the bracket can no longer slide along the archwire easily. This has a negative effect on the transfer of forces. BioQuick Brackets do not require ligatures. A small integrated metal clip is slid over the inserted archwire and embraces it without clamping it tightly. BioQuick Brackets virtually ligate themselves.

Why BioQuick makes your treatment quicker and more pleasant

BioQuick Brackets can slide along the archwire easier due to lower friction. This leads to quicker treatment results than with standard brackets. Less force is required to move teeth with BioQuick Brackets. This makes for a more pleasant treatment experience. For added comfort: all corners and edges are rounded optimally. The BioQuick clip can be opened and closed quickly. This way you spend less time chairside. The metal clip also has a longer service life than normal ligatures which need to be replaced on a regular basis. The number of appointments with the orthodontist is reduced accordingly.

Aesthetics and hygiene

The BioQuick bracket body is relatively small and is manufactured as a single piece in an elaborate injection molding process. This avoids ugly soldering or welding seams which can harbour plaque and bacteria. Classical ligatures are not required due to the separately mounted clip. This makes cleaning easier for you and improves oral hygiene.

Perfect combination

Fixed braces do not only consist of brackets. The actual forces which move the teeth are created by an elastic archwire inserted into the brackets. When deciding in favor of treatment with high-quality, state-of-the-art brackets, one should also consider archwires of corresponding quality. The FORESTADENT BioArchwires are made of ultra-elastic material resulting in especially fast and caring treatment. This allows full exploitation of the benefits of self-ligating brackets

Advantages at a glance:

  • Shorter treatment periods and quicker success due to less friction of the archwire
  • Fewer follow-up appointments as the ligatures do not need replacing
  • Shorter treatment periods due to simpler and quicker replacement of archwires
  • Comfortable to wear – no sharp corners and edges
  • Reduced feeling of tightness as lower forces are possible with the archwires
  • Easier to care for as there are no interfering ligatures to harbour debris

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