Two-Phase Orthodontics

Dr. Roncone specializes in two phase treatment and has developed a highly successful treatment program. When a child is seen by age seven, many wonderful things can be accomplished! Extraction of permanent teeth can be avoided in the vast majority of cases. This allows us to achieve an excellent profile avoiding a flattened profile and thinning of the lips.

Our method of treatment can correct:

  • “Gummy” smiles
  • Chronic open mouth and mouth breathing
  • Excessive snoring
  • Severe overjet and overbite
  • Narrow dental arches
  • Airway problems
  • Crossbites which should be corrected as early as possible
  • Swollen gums
  • “Pouting” lower lip
  • Smile problems associated with a short upper lip
  • Chronic chapped or cracked lips
  • Elimination of the need for headgear

True lower arch expansion can only be done while many deciduous (baby) teeth are still present in the mouth. Dr. Roncone feels it is very important to expand both the upper and lower arches to obtain the best smiles and facial results.

Phase I lasts approximately 12-15 months after which there is a “resting” phase. During this time the child is monitored for facial development and permanent tooth eruption approximately every 4-6 months. When all of the permanent teeth are just about erupted Phase II begins. Phase II consists of placing braces on all permanent teeth. Two Phase orthodontics is planned to obtain the best possible treatment results. It is not doing orthodontics over again!

Just as if a child were born with some orthopedic problem, one would not wait until all growth had been completed to correct the problem foot, leg or arm. One would correct it as early as possible.  Likewise skeletal (jaw) problems need to be addressed early in development in order to obtain the best result.

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