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Reception Area

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When you come in for your first appointment, you will use an infrared digital reading of your finger. You will need to scan your finger one time whenever you come in for an appointment. This scan is not a fingerprint. It merely identifies you from amongst our other patients.

Once you check in the Doctor and assistants will know you are here because your name will appear on the clinic screen. Please understand that we expect you to be here at least 5 minutes early so that you can brush your teeth if necessary and be ready for your appointment. Since we schedule the same patients over and over again most of our appointments are prescheduled for at least 8 weeks. This is why we ask you to be on time and to not miss appointments. If you are late, we may need to reschedule you so that we are not late for other patients...and we may not have an appointment of your type for many weeks. It is not that we are too busy; it is that we have committed those times to patients just like you.

Kid's Cafe

We always have coffee as well as hot chocolate and tea. We also have snacks. We ask that patients with appointments only have snacks after their appointments and that each person be respectful and take only their fair share of snacks, etc.

Our young kids use this room to enjoy educational toys, reading materials, and maps to learn about geography. This room is located in the reception area so that Moms and Dads can keep a close eye on their young children.

Cable TV

Television is available to you. If there is a particular channel you desire, please ask. If no others are watching the current programming, we will be happy to accommodate you. Only family rated programming will be available. 

3D Records CBCT Room

With a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CT) Scan the doctor is able to see much, much more than ever before of the teeth, jaws joints, airway etc. It has literally changed the way we practice orthodontics. You/your child have already had a scan and you will see some of the results today and at your next appointment should you choose to have a formal consultation. Any radiation given is minimal (less than 10 minutes in the sun) because of high speed film and millisecond exposure. Moreover, all machines are monitored by an outside agency to be sure they are working properly. We never ask our patients to have any type of x-ray that we would not recommend to ourselves or our own family members. This area in our office is also where intraoral and extraoral photographs are taken.

Video Game

Our game is "G" rated with no violence or sexual content. While this game is great fun for children Dr. Roncone has always felt that they are very helpful to developing "hand-eye" coordination. Also, a recent study has shown that children who play the right kind of video games are more successful in their chosen work environment. They learn that you don’t always win and can see the progression which hard work brings in incremental steps.

Appliance Laboratory

We have lab technicians that not only make our orthopedic appliances but are able to place the models of your mouth on a device which duplicates the precise movements of your jaw. This gives us much more accurate information with which to make a precise diagnosis and treatment plan. It is Dr. Roncone’s belief that incorrect or inappropriate treatment can result if this device (an articulator) is not routinely used. We are the only office in the area to routinely use this technology which has been available for many years.


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Our clinic is the heart of activity once you/your child begin treatment. No other practice has achieved a higher degree of useful technology and safety. You will notice our clinical area is open and is in a circular layout. This means that we do not do anything that causes pain and we don’t give injections or shots. We welcome both patients and parents in the clinical area. After Dr. Roncone has gathered all information from the clinical exam history and diagnostic records he completes his diagnostics and treatment plan. This plan is entered into the computer so that it is always available to the Registered Dental Assistants (RDA's) and to the doctor at each visit. Before you arrive for your start appointment Dr. Roncone will have outlined the treatment plan for you with each of the RDA’s. One RDA will be primarily responsible for assisting the doctor with your treatment. Your treatment chart and all diagnostic records including x-rays and photos are also on the computer screen.

We use state of the art wires and braces for more patient comfort, faster treatment times, shorter times in the chair and longer appointment intervals (approximately every 8-12 weeks). The wires we use to move teeth were brought into the U.S. in the late 1980’s by Dr. Roncone. The braces we use were developed by Dr. Roncone. He is one of a handful of orthodontists in the world who has their own bracket system named after them.

As far as safety and health, our policy is to use anything which can be disposable. For other things, each chair and unit is wiped down with antiseptic solution in between patients. All hand pieces, pliers, and other instruments are sterilized using the very best hospital grade techniques. The sterilization units are tested monthly by an outside service to be sure they are working properly. Even the water supply is refreshed at least four times daily to be sure that it is of the highest grade. The plastic bottles you see at each unit are filled with filtered water. One full day per week is spent backing up each area that has to do with our patient’s health and safety.

Lastly, we do not reuse braces and wires which have been used on other patients in order to save money. First, they lose accuracy when they are refurbished and second, Dr. Roncone is adamant about not recycling in this manner. He would not use these braces in his or his family’s mouth and therefore he will not use them on his patients.


Our sterilization equipment is tested by an outside service to ensure that we are meeting, and in most cases exceeding, hospital levels of sterilization. Whenever possible, we use disposable instruments and materials.

Administrative Offices

Our administrative office where we check on and file insurance claims, process letters and handle financial matters.

Lecture Facility

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Dr. Roncone holds classes for orthodontists from all over the world in our lecture facility. These orthodontists are not students but are some of the very best orthodontists in the U.S. and abroad who have come here to learn how to be even better. From time to time you may hear or see the acronym J.S.O.P. These letters stand for Just Short of Perfect. Since no one can ever be perfect our goal and the goal of Dr. Roncone’s classes are to be as close to perfect as possible. Another term you may hear or see is Orthobarbarian. That is the name of Dr. Roncone’s study group of orthodontists who have taken his courses. It symbolizes the fact that they will be absolutely ruthless on themselves and each other in order to continue to seek perfection (or J.S.O.P.) for their patients. This facility is also used for patient education after getting braces on as well as well as other patient education events.

Consultation Rooms

We have two consultation rooms where we perform our clinical examinations.

Tooth Brushing Areas

Each time you arrive for your appointment please come 5-10 minutes early so that you can be absolutely sure your teeth and gums are perfectly clean and healthy.

Please call our office for a consultation: (760) 758-0630

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