QuicKlear Ceramic

Do you require a fixed orthodontic appliance, but do not want to show conspicuous, metal-colored brackets when smiling? Then QuicKlear® ceramic brackets from are exactly the right solution for you! These translucent brackets, which are fabricated using a special ceramic mixture, perfectly match your natural tooth shade making them virtually invisible. Fixed appliances consist of brackets, which are bonded to individual teeth and connected to one another with a wire fitted into the brackets. This archwire exerts a force, which is then transmitted via the bracket to the individual tooth, moving the tooth into the required position.

More time for yourself

The use of self-ligating brackets not only enables gentler tooth correction, it also creates much more time for you. The outstanding sliding properties and easy handling of QuicKlear® ceramic brackets ensure that:

  • treatment time is reduced, as less force is required to produce a quicker effect
  • fewer checkup appointments are required, as the archwires can be worn for a longer period
  • you spend less time in the treatment chair, as the archwires can be changed much quicker
  • Perfectly camouflaged


The benefits of orthodontic treatment will last a lifetime if you keep these important patient responsibilities in mind:

Dental examinations and cleanings

The patient should continue with proper oral hygiene procedures at home, to include thorough brushing and flossing techniques. The patient should be seen by their family dentist at least every 6 months for cleanings and dental examinations.


Once the active orthodontic appliances are removed, the patient will receive retainers to stabilize the dental correction. Because the bone and soft tissues surrounding the teeth are stabilizing for several months after braces are removed, it is imperative that the retainers are worn as instructed. Failure to wear the retainers may result in undesirable movement of the teeth, which could necessitate re-treatment.

Because teeth can continue to move throughout life, we feel that individuals who have undergone orthodontic therapy should wear retainers indefinitely. A patient should wear retainers as prescribed by our practice.

Retainers are made of a thermoplastic material that is sensitive to excessive heat, so they should be kept away from heaters, dishwashers, car dashboards or any place where the temperatures exceed 115 degrees(F). The retainers should be cleaned before and after placement in the mouth. Because the material used for fabrication is slightly porous, plaque tends to cling to the surfaces. Gentle scrubbing with a toothbrush and a mild liquid soap will remove the plaque. A denture cleaning solution, such as Efferdent, will aid in the removal of plaque and tartar. Be sure to rinse the retainers thoroughly after cleaning to remove any cleanser residue.

Our goal is to help your smile stay beautiful and healthy for a lifetime. Your cooperation is essential in order to achieve this goal.

Proper Daily Dental Hygiene Is Critical

The best way to remove decay-causing plaque is by brushing and cleaning between your teeth every day. Brushing removes plaque from the tooth surfaces. Cleaning between the teeth once a day with floss or interdental cleaners removes plaque from between the teeth and in the areas where your toothbrush cannot reach. It is essential in preventing gum disease.

Tips for Better Oral Hygiene

  • Carry a travel toothbrush. This lets you brush after eating, no matter where you are.
  • Rinse after eating. This keeps food from sticking to your teeth when you can't brush.
  • Try an electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes can make teeth cleaning easier.

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